Eye / Ear / Heart
a simple hymn for Edna

by Leo E. Johns III
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Set my eye on you, O Lord.
Make my vision clear
And shine a holy lamp of love
On all Your people here.
To sanctify me from my sin
You sent your Son to die.
And so alone in silence now
On you I set my eye.

Lean my ear to you, O Lord.
Reveal your sweetest song
So I may hear its melody
Resound my whole life long.
In everlasting harmonies
Your love casts out my fear.
I hear your angels singing now.
To you I lean my ear.

(Life is but a wispy mist.
You know the number of our days.
Bend us to your perfect will.
Help us walk your perfect way.)

Fix my heart on you, O Lord
And fill me with Your grace.
Keep me shining in the light
Reflecting from Your face.
As I endure the path You choose
To set my soul apart
I seek your will - forever still.
On you I fix my heart.

 . . . . .

Performance musicians at Mom's 1/17/09 Memorial Service:
Ron Gutierrez, Vocal
Leo "Bud" Johns, Piano


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